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Banquet Terms and Conditions

1. No outside food or beverage of any kind will be permitted into the banquet space by the CLIENT or any of the CLIENT’s guests or delegates.

2. CLIENT shall use the entrance designated by the HOTEL for both shipping and receiving which is the loading dock located at 875 rue St‐Joachim. The HOTEL shall be informed in advance of any deliveries and boxes should be labelled properly with the name and date of the function and person in charge. All deliveries should be made no longer than 48 hours prior to the start of the event. Our opening hours are for Monday to Friday 8:00am to noon and from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

3. The HOTEL will set all meeting supplies (notepads, pens, candies) as stations accessible to all participants near by meeting rooms. Water and glasses will also be set up as station. If the CLIENT requests the meeting supplies and water to be set individually for each participants, labour fees will apply.

4. Unless authorized in writing, nothing shall be posted on the HOTEL’s walls. The HOTEL prohibits the use of nails, staples, pins, scotch tape or any articles of this family.

5. The CLIENT agrees not to use any confettis, rice or any small size decorations that could cause damage to cleaning equipment.

6. CLIENT agrees to begin its function promptly on scheduled time and agrees to have its guests and delegates vacate the designated function space at the closing hour indicated. If extra labour payments results from the non‐compliance of the present regulation, the CLIENT will be responsible to pay those charges.

7. The HOTEL reserves the right to exclude or escort out of premises any and all objectionable participants from a function, without liability on the part of the HOTEL.

8. CLIENT assumes responsibility for any and all damages caused by any of its guests or delegates attending the function, in banquet space or any other parts of the HOTEL, including furniture and equipment, inside or outside the property.

9. It is understood that the CLIENT will conduct its function in an orderly manner and in full compliance with the rules of the HOTEL management, and with all applicable laws, ordinances and regulations.

10. The HOTEL reserves the right, with or without prior notice, to reassign the rooms for a comparable or a similar one. With such a change, we will considerate that the HOTEL as filled its obligation and the CLIENT has to considerate the HOTEL fulfilled its engagement.

11. Any equipment from outside the HOTEL (AV equipment, music, exhibitors, etc) must be immediately removed after the event unless stated otherwise in contract. Technical set up times should be included in contracted terms and/or specified during details preparation.

12. Storage of outside equipment is not required by HOTEL unless booked prior to the event by the CLIENT. The HOTEL is not responsible if any equipment is damaged or stolen if the material is not stored properly event if the HOTEL has given its permission. No equipment is allowed to be stored in the hotel public areas.

13. Meeting set ups should be decided at least ten days prior to the event. If a change in the set up is required on the day of the meeting, labour fees will apply. Furthermore if the CLIENT requires a change of set up in the same meeting room during the same working day, labour charges might be applied also.

14. Any request for technical equipment and/or audio‐visual needs such as: electricity, rigging points, easels, etc. will be charged accordingly to the CLIENT.

15. For all reception held on the 23rd floor of the HOTEL, noise (music or other) should stop by 11:00 pm. The HOTEL can ask the group to lower the volume at any time.

16. Gratuities of 17% on food and beverages and, Federal and Provincial taxes are not included in the prices.

17. Limited meal time with no extra fees for labour are breakfast and lunch: 90 minutes. Dinner: 120 minutes.

18. The forecasted number of people becomes your guarantee 48 hours prior to the event. The HOTEL does not accept responsibility to provide food, service or accommodation for more than 5% over the guarantee.

19.Procedures related to allergies and dietary restrictions We are happy to offer menus that meet any kind of allergy or dietary restriction. To do it, the CLIENT must confirm with the HOTEL, the food allergies or restrictions of its participants before the event. Additional fees of $10 / person will be charged for all different dishes that are served due to the fact that these allergies or dietary restrictions are known on site during your event.
Seven business days notice is required before the event for receiving and approving all special requests.
They have to be transmitted directly to the attention of your coordinator and upon your arrival, you have to identify your guests to the Maître D’.

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